About Ronald.

Ronald Boef has a handicap of 20 with golf, but his second handicap has a bigger meaning! Ronald is born completely blind, so you can call it a great performance that Ronald is on top level and one of the few players born 100% blind.
Golfing at the top level is already an amazing performance by itself and at the moment Ronald plays 100% blind in both the top twelve of Europe and the World in the B1 group.

His ambition is a golden slice at the Olympic Games in Japan by 2020, as golf for the less-favored becomes Olympic.
Ronald has formed a team consisting of: two golf professionals, a physical therapist, a sports psychologist, a movement expert, a sports instructor, and a professional caddy.

Ronald and his team have made a five-year long plan of action to make their ambitions come true and achieve the highest possible, a golden medal.