Dear Golf friends, I was quite upset for the past few weeks. After a visit to my doctor, he sent him to the hospital in Hoorn because I had a tumor under my left jaw. After an MRI scan was made that was not so positive, a puncture was taken. After seven days the result came out that it was a tumor that had to be removed as quickly as possible before it became malignant. Because I have never had to go to the hospital in my life, I had to arrange a few things. my blindness. On the positive side, the anesthesiologist said I was 100% conditional and didn’t have to worry: “Just a five-hour nap, and then everything will be over.” I was allowed to record both the conversations with the doctors and with the anesthesiologist so that I could quietly sort everything out for myself at home. However, with the promise that I could not put this on Facebook, to which I replied that I could guarantee this to the threshold of the hospital😊. March 12th is the day, and I am starting to get a little nervous now that it is coming so close, but well I am and stay positive and keep you informed.

This of course also has consequences for my golf, and I canceled the first game at the end of March. I hope I recover quickly, because despite this accident I am currently going like a train and every training is a party for me. For the first time in my golfing life we ​​are working on increasing my swing speed, resulting in unprecedented distances for me, especially with my wooden 3 and driver. My professionals speak of an exceptional improvement, and for the first time in my life I struck the net of the driving range of the Goyer. Pitching from any position, such as up and downhill, is also leaping forward, giving me more opportunities to score around the green.

Last week, after training on the driving range with Jan Maarten Nijhoff, I ran five more holes on the large course of the Goyer and we were overtaken by Nathan Groot (hc 6), one of the best youth players of the Goyer. Jan Maarten asked him if he would like to play our last hole (a par 3) together. He found that no problem, and so it happened. Nathan made a par with his fingers in his nose, and I a bogey, a good result for both of us. Nathan and I both enjoyed the experience and agreed to play together once this summer. In particular that I was born 100% blind, he thought it was very special. Thank you for playing Nathan, and I am already looking forward to our round together this summer.

Due to the wet weather I now train more on the Goyer (sandy soil) than on the West Frisian (clay soil), which also means that I have more to do with the catering facilities of De Goyer. Well people, I am so spoiled. But not only I hear, but also the members and all other guests are treated with all respect. Hereby my compliments to Frank van den Berg and his staff (Michel, Henry, Nick, Lisa, Lidewij, Thomas, Fleur, Nienke, Ilayda and Jeffrey). The customer-friendliness and service are TOP people there, and it is also fun. The kitchen is of a high quality and you can enjoy being there every time.

So dear golf friends, you are aware of what is currently going on with me, and next time you will hear how I got through the operation.

So, until next time, and keep the ball in the lane,

Ronald Boef